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Investing in a luxury branded residence creates less vulnerability

What are the distinguishing factors between investing in a branded residence versus a regular investment in the context of luxury real estate in Dubai, particularly focusing on properties like the Bin Ghatti and Al Habtoor towers?

Al Habtoor Towers, alongside Bin Ghatti Properties, have elegantly carved their name in Dubai’s real estate market. A collaboration between a universal brand and a developer is not typical. However, when the location, name, and finishing consistently deliver a masterpiece, brands as big as Bugatti find it beneficial to work alongside master developers like Bin Ghatti.

Among many other premium developers, Al Habtoor Towers have yet to release a majestic 345m tower valued at Dh3.7 billion. It boasts a luxurious design and offers a 360-degree view of Dubai’s beautiful landmarks.

Investing in a luxury branded residence creates less vulnerability regarding product quality and ensures higher quality finishing, especially when buying off-plan. The resale or renting approach of a branded unit creates higher demand as its market visibility is preceded by a quality reputation and wider awareness.

The cost of branded products will always exceed those that aren’t branded. However, the return on investment and price appreciation are more likely to exist. In short, it has historically been established that investing in Dubai’s real estate market is safe and lucrative. It is understandable why branded products will always appreciate more than the standard.

Are these ultra luxury properties primarily targeted towards investors or end-users in the Dubai real estate market?

Ultra-luxury properties in the Dubai real estate market target both investors and end-users. In the past, we have witnessed a surge in investors targeting such properties at a higher rate than end-users. However, over the past two years, the number of luxury product purchases by end-users has been on the rise. This is due to Dubai becoming home to thousands of high-net-worth individuals who work and retire in the UAE.

From an investment standpoint, does the premium paid for such high-end properties in Dubai’s luxury real estate market justify the potential returns and long-term value?

The demand for luxury properties in Dubai remains consistently high, justifying the premium typically paid for such properties. The structures of these properties are regulated, maintained, and inspected by the municipality and developers, ensuring their value is preserved for decades to come. When it comes to location, luxury properties are strategically planned around landmarks, natural elements such as greenery and beaches, and high-end amenities like award-winning golf courses and sky pools.

Many of these properties are associated with renowned international names, including Four Seasons Residences, Bvlgari, Mr C Residences, Roberto Cavalli, Bugatti, and many other highly sought-after brands.

What are the key features and amenities that distinguish ultra luxury properties?

Luxury brands are typically distinguished by the property finishing and the attention to detail in both the interior and exterior design elements. These properties are characterized by well-planned spaces, spacious high-end bathrooms and kitchens equipped with premium appliances. They also offer beautiful views of the sea, skyline, or city, and of course, access to high-end luxury amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, manicured beaches, and parks.


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