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In EYWA, the future of luxury living is reimagined—a future where the health and well-being of the residents are as much a priority as the opulence of their surroundings

In an event that seamlessly blended the allure of luxury with the ethos of health and wellness, the unveiling of EYWA Penthouses and Sky Collection apartments took Dubai by storm. This prestigious event, held at the Ritz-Carlton, DIFC, was not just a showcase of architectural brilliance but a testament to the future of luxury living. Presented by R.evolution, a renowned European boutique real estate developer, and graced by the presence of Million Dollar Listing stars Josh and Matt Altman, the unveiling was a celebration of innovation, wellness, and unparalleled luxury.

The Altman brothers, known for their dynamic presence and record-shattering performances in the luxury real estate market, brought their expertise and charisma to the event, attended by over a thousand guests including celebrities, investors, and real estate brokers. This wasn’t merely an unveiling; it was a grand declaration of a new era in luxury living, with EYWA at its helm.

EYWA is not just another luxury residential development in Dubai’s coveted landscape. It’s a groundbreaking project that combines the opulence expected of Dubai’s high-end properties with a strong emphasis on health and wellness. With 46 meticulously designed apartments and two penthouses spread across 19 floors, EYWA is designed to foster not just a sense of luxury, but of harmony and community well-being. Each residence, offering two to five-bedroom configurations, boasts panoramic views of the Dubai Canal, Downtown Dubai, and the iconic Burj Khalifa, encapsulating the essence of luxury living in Dubai.

The Bollywood connection to Dubai’s luxury real estate market is well-known, with numerous celebrities calling the city their second home. EYWA’s unveiling hints at the emergence of a new favorite among the health-conscious elites of Bollywood. The project’s focus on wellness, coupled with its ultra-luxury amenities, positions it as the ideal destination for those in the entertainment industry who prioritize their health and well-being as much as their careers.

In an industry where the pressure to maintain a public image is constant, EYWA offers a sanctuary that supports a balanced lifestyle. Its strategic location along the Dubai Water Canal not only promises serene views but also embodies the tranquility and peace that are often sought after by those in the relentless world of film and entertainment. This makes EYWA not just a residence, but a retreat for Bollywood’s who’s who, offering them a chance to reconnect with themselves in a setting that mirrors their stature yet respects their need for wellness and privacy.

The event at the Ritz-Carlton, DIFC, was more than just an unveiling; it was a celebration of a vision that marries the luxury that Dubai is known for with a pioneering approach to health-conscious living. For potential residents, EYWA promises a life where wellness and luxury coexist, where the vibrancy of Dubai’s urban life meets the tranquility of a wellness retreat. It’s a place where Bollywood’s glitterati can find solitude and serenity, without stepping away from the luxurious lifestyle they are accustomed to.

In EYWA, the future of luxury living is reimagined—a future where the health and well-being of the residents are as much a priority as the opulence of their surroundings. As the Bollywood elite look towards Dubai for their luxury living needs, EYWA stands ready to welcome them with open arms, offering a blend of wellness and luxury that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.


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