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The Dubai real estate market is experiencing an unprecedented upswing, with rents in prime residential areas expected to surge by up to 20% in 2024. This follows a remarkable year of growth estimated between 23-30%, driven by factors such as increased investor appetite, a rising influx of professionals, population surge, and Dubai’s growing appeal as a haven for the wealthy.

Driving Factors for Upward Rental Trend

Multiple factors contribute to the sustained buoyancy in Dubai’s real estate market. Analysts attribute the surge to a continuous increase in investor interest, a growing population, and the city’s allure as a haven for the affluent. If net migration outpaces the rate of new home deliveries, rental prices are expected to maintain an upward trajectory. The decision of residents to buy rather than rent and the growing attractiveness of property as an investment opportunity are key factors influencing the 2024 rental landscape.

Strong Momentum Continues: Projections for 2024

Following a significant uptick in rental prices by 23% in the first half of 2023 and a projected year-end increase of around 30%, the upward trend remains robust. Ilnara Muzafyarova, Head of Colife, predicts a 20% jump in short-term rentals (up to 6 months) and a 15% rise for long-term rentals. This projection is supported by the organic growth witnessed in the market, with a 15% rise in apartment prices from mid-2022 to mid-2023.

S&P and CBRE Confirm Unabated Growth

In November 2023, S&P forecasted a 5.0% to 7.0% increase in house prices during 2024, indicating no evidence of a slowdown in Dubai’s real estate prices. CBRE analysts note that rents in Dubai have risen approximately 42% since January 2020, while house prices have increased by around 33%. Villa rents have also experienced a similar trend, reaching an average of $88,400 per year.

The Vibrancy of Dubai’s Real Estate Market

Experts highlight the upward momentum in rents as a reflection of the vibrancy in Dubai’s real estate market. The surge aligns with escalating property values, the construction of high-rise buildings, and a notable increase in property transactions.

Promising Returns for Property Owners in 2024

Colife reports a substantial 21.2% increase in monthly income over the past year for a one-bedroom unit in Dubai Marina, reaching $2,970. Looking ahead, owners can anticipate even heftier returns, projecting a monthly income of $3,415 in 2024.

Continued Demand Fueled by Global Professionals

With the continuous influx of global professionals to Dubai and the city’s population growth, the demand for residential space is expected to remain robust. Real estate consultancy Asteco notes a gradual moderation in growth rates in the third quarter but highlights sustained demand with changes standing at 18%, 19%, and 29% for apartments, villas, and offices, respectively.

Tenant Preferences and Market Dynamics

Property Finder’s November data reveals that one-bedroom apartments are in high demand, with 36% of people searching for them. Additionally, preferences for furnished and unfurnished homes vary, with 66% favoring furnished apartments and 51% seeking unfurnished villas/townhouses.

Dubai’s Population Growth and Future Projections

As of July 2023, Dubai’s population stood at 3,604,030, showing a steady increase from 3,515,264 in July 2022. According to Dubai’s Development Master Plan, the city’s population is projected to grow to 5.8 million by 2040.

In conclusion, the Dubai real estate market continues its upward trajectory, offering promising investment opportunities in 2024. Whether you’re a potential investor or a resident, staying abreast of these market dynamics is essential for making informed decisions in this thriving real estate landscape.

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